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Singer Monica is The Mastermind behind all the Regal Me products. She is a singer-songwriter, vocal coach, and Registered Nurse. She is a military veteran of both the Naval Reserves and active Army. She is also a self-proclaimed herbalist and incorporates natural and holistic ingredients when creating The Regal Me ™ products. She was eager to take advantage of a public platform not only to sing, but to share  some of her  pamper products for the first time at her freshman CD Release party along with other health nuggets. Monica suffered from alopecia and was told that her follicles were dead. After many years off persistence (her favorite word), trying many products, a scalp biopsy, and laser treatment, she realized that her own hair concoction had significantly transformed the condition of her hair and generated follicular restoration. This was when the product coined the name Nurse Miracle Gro ™. It is her goal to offer natural products that enhance the hair and skin.  Please refer to the testimonial page for a picture.
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