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Face-Lit Kit

Face-Lit Kit

Face-Lit Kit

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The Face-Lit Kit consist of every product needed to complete a basic facial. Products are cruelty free and natural. Bring the spa to your home with 5 steps:

Step 1: Wash My Face- made with moisturizing goat milk and fortified with natural antioxidants

Step2: Scrub My Face Scrub fortified with natural antifungal, antioxidants, and natural moisturizing honey

Step 3: Chebony Glow- Detox (face) Mask made with pore- purifying and shrinking charcoal.  *2-in-1 Natural and gentle Teeth Whitener also!

Step 4: Regal Rose Water- Naturally tones skin and refines pores

Step 5: Regal Glow- Serum to seal in moisture with added  vitamin C.





There are many products on the market that claim to regrow hair. The Regal Me Founder Monica is living proof that Nurse Miracle Hair Beard Gro really works. She suffered with alopecia for more years that she can count. She also had hereditary thinning. Several medical professionals had counseled her as a hopeless case. She received steroid injections, a scalp biopsy, and was told that her follicles were dead and would never grow back. She is available today to assist others to finding solutions and is available for consultations.

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Denise started using our product Nurse Miracle Gro in May. Of 2019 (top left). She went through chemotherapy a year ago but, still had noticeable alopecia in the crown of her head. And July 2019, Denise started to notice her spot was feeling in. (Bottom left). In early September 2019, Denise reported even more progress with a crown of her head now being full hair!

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"Don't you see that parking space in the middle of my upper lip? It filled in about three weeks later. I used it about 2-3 times a day"

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"You were a vendor at one of our events. I used the Regal Me hair grow on my mom's hair and are happy with the results. She actually has a little fuzz growing. I'd like to get another bottle. How much and when can I pick it up?"

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